Zakary Kamal Ismail

Gatineau, Québec, Canada


Since August 2020, planned for April 2024


Mention: highest R score of the 2020 graduates in this program


January 20th to February 7th 2020


NordiaSoft is a leader in software defined radio (SDR) and in software’s communication architecture (SCA)

  • 3 weeks long
  • Study and understand the ADS-B
  • Program an ADS-B decoder in C++
  • Program an ADS-B encoder in C++
  • Document C++ programs with Doxygen
  • Write a report on the result of the project and on how to use it
  • Present the project
  • Test the encoder and decoder manually and by writing tests with Google Test

Technical Knowledge

Programming microcontrollers

Low level programming of microcontrollers, like manipulating registers to control GPIOs using masks.


Use a handful of Linux distributions from the largest families: Debian, RedHat and ArchLinux.

Developing software with graphical user interfaces

Developing Windows, Linux and Android using these frameworks:

Programming languages

Using multiple interpreted and compiled languages using different paradigms


Manipulating and analyzing data in relational databases using SQL and Neo4j, a graphical database, with Cypher.


Realizing implementations of the HTTP protocol to program web servers. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, SCSS, JS, XML and JSON.


Using Git on a daily basis for personal and team project and to contribute to Open Source projects. Using it through the terminal or using text editors like Atom, VSCode and GitKraken to select lines to commit.

Artificial intelligence programming

Realizing multiple AI implementations in different programming languages to solve problems like reading handwritten digits.

  • Genetic algorithms
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Neural Networks
  • OpenAI Gym

Professional Experiences

Since February 2019

Realizing a greenhouse controller to command a heater, a fan and roll ups to control a greenhouse’s temperature and humidity. This project is open source to allow any farmer in the world to increase their efficiency and reduce their workload. The controller was paid by ferme chapeau melon and its development was supervised by Dr. Manai.

  • Design a wireframe for a mobile app
  • Design UMLs
  • Design a REST interface
  • Program a greenhouse controller in C++
  • Program a mobile app in Java and Kotlin
  • Design a schematic and a PCB
  • Install the greenhouse controller
  • Debug programs
  • Define and plan tasks
  • Configure the projects CI/CD


June 25th to September 9th 2019


Founded in 2018 and located in the Gabrielle-Roy campus of the Cégep de l’Outaouais, is a member of In-Sec-M and Québec’s network of CCTTs.

  • 10 weeks long
  • Manage the domain of a website
  • Design a website using Jekyll
  • Publish a website
  • Search for credible sources in French and English
  • Review the credibility of sources
  • Write texts in French and English
  • Translate texts between French and English and vice-versa
  • Answer and transfer emails sent to



Autumn 2018 and Winter 2019 terms

AGÉÉCO is the General Association of Students of Cégep de l’Outaouais. Its members represent the students and protect their rights since 1972.

  • Represent the students from the Electrical Engineering department during the assemblies of the central council once a month
  • Help students with certain administrative procedures
  • Organize an activity to help with the integration of new students

2011 to 2015

Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps of Hull. Cadets are an organization similar to the scouts and are administered by the Canadian government. Just like in the army, cadets wear uniforms and are given ranks and rank up with time and experience.


Since 2015

I learned programming on my free time when I was in my 4th year in secondary school. This is what made me develop an interest for technology and made me choose my field of study. To this day, I still program on my free time by doing projects and by learning programming languages.

2012 to 2015

I started solving 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube when I was 12 and started competing in 2013 in Montréal. Afterwards, I learned how to solve other types of similar puzzles and did 3 more competitions where I would often reach the finals. I stopped competing, but I still solve puzzles every so often.